The Rolex Ladies Datejust Diamond Dial And Diamond Bezel

Posted: Aug 11 2014

If you want to get a nice Rolex, but your budget isn't exactly enough for a new one - you might want to think about purchasing a pre owned Rolex. Our Rolex ladies section features many ladies models such as the date-just. The Rolex ladies steel is a very popular model, its look is classy and timeless. The Rolex ladies is offered with diamond dial and diamond bezel, if you want to go with a fancy look. Or, you can go with plain look of a regular dial and smooth or fluted bezel. The combinations of dial and bezel are endless. There are mother of pearl diamond dials available as well as color dials, which are made out of metal. The diamond bezels are great addition to any watch and are also made water resistant for swimming. There are big diamond bezel of 2 and 3 carat of white gold and high quality diamonds. These are usually made in Si quality, that is "slightly imperfect". Diamond bezels can also be made with Vs quality, that is "very slightly imperfect". So, now you learned the diffrenet diamond quality types and can make an educated decision in your purchase.